Official Art Update: Mario & Sonic Winter, Sonic & The Secret Rings

Good morning America – and afternoon Europe I guess, five new pieces of Sonic artwork have been added the Official Art section of the Depoitory

From M&S Winter we’ve a clean Sonic’s DS packshot render – really nice quality, not sure I’ve seen this elsewhere.

From Sonic & The Secret Rings we’ve four artworks:

– Two variations of the signature render, one normal and one clean without the soul fire on Sonic’s chest.
– A render we’ve subtitled the ‘On Your Marks’ render, with Sonic in pose about to sprint off.
– And the second signature render with Sonic jabbing his thumb at his chest.

We’ve more high quality arts tomorrow – including more Secret Rings related ones.

Go to the Sonic art page – click here.

Sonic Wrecks

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