Not Updating As Usual I See? ….TINGAS!

Yeah sorry about that! Last week was, well, it wasn’t nice! It was in the sense that I went to Italy and the Ferrari museum. Work was pretty hectic so it appears I “missed” the Ryo annoucement. Well, if it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t have been a Ryo annoucement and I only had time to do one site so I had to choose SEGA – OBVIOUSLY.

Ho hum, I’m currently uploading a VAST array of trailers including all five versions of the Ryo trailer (Australian, French, Spanish, UK and USA) as well as Trailer 2 which for reasons unknown I’d not done yet. I’ve also got to get caught up on the M&S trailers. HONESTLY I can’t turn away for a minute. Lots of work to do this weekend. LOTS. 🙁

Oh incidentally, the Sonic Wrecks YouTube page has been converted by YT over to their new layout. Fancy.

Kevin is joined by Tom and Donnie this week with the team discussing the latest “Freiberger’s Feedback” and their thoughts before episode 11. They also talk episode ideas and relay a couple of stories. Tom has though gone a bit weird…. much to the utter confusion of the others. It’s pre-show time!

Kevin Eva

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