Its 1am, Must Be An Update

Hope you’re ready for the contest later today, yes its gone 1am. Sigh. Sleep in a tick, I have some updates for you first however.

Bentley Jones – I have pages of them, its not going away 😛

Shadow Depository Updates

– Music: Link to Crush 40 Live at TGS 2008 fixed from Music page.
– Sonic Legacy Project: Minor fixes to layouts, Added STH #202-3, Universe #6, JUVI Metal Sonic, Secret Rings Signed A1 Poster.
– Colouring Paper: Added Eggman #3 (New)

Radio Redux Updates

208 – WrecksFest
Featuring: ArchangelUK & The Mob

UK Sonic fans have decended upon London for a meet! Join ArchangelUK, T-Bird, Dreadknux and others for a special feast of Sonic chat and music recorded live in the Euston Flyer near Kings’ Cross. Roareye Black is in full OTT mode, Darkspeeds has come all the way from Australia and SEGA Community Guru Romily Broad is also due to make an appearance. All that and AAUK announces the final contenders for this years Sonic Wrecks Awards!

Now available on RSS, iTunes and Direct Download.

Technical Updates

– Minor fixes to backend and page layout.

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