Depository Art Updates – Mechs, Foxes, Dolls & Daisy

I thought I’d sit down and sort through some old art this morning to see if we couldn’t put up a selection of slightly obscure ones for you that you may not have seen before. As such we’ve got a bit of a mish mash here.

Miscellaneous Section

From Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games we have a new render from the Nintendo side. Daisy’s skiing render, still lots more to come from this game as you’d imagine.



Tails’ Section

A selection of art from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle here, including his SA2B packshot render in three forms: standard, solid block colour and lineart and renders of both version of his mech walker. That’s the blue version and alternate red version.


Badnik Section

We dip into Sonic Adventure here and we have a Tails connection again. First up is a clean render of the Egg Walker, Eggman’s four legged machine that Tails faces as the boss of his story. Then we have the TAILS DOLL! Yes, the stuffed variety from SA1, he is joined by his Sonic Doll and Knuckles Doll brothers.

Best check under your bed tonight…


Kevin Eva

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