Music – Sonic Fanmix Collection


You know, this collection originates from the fact I couldn’t find Robotnik’s Tea Party anywhere and it annoyed me. THEN I found DjbluC had remixed They Call Me Sonic (Furry Tails Enhanced) – something which both myself and Bentley Jones LOVES and I though that needed recognition. Soon after I found a couple of other tracks that I thought deserved archiving, as such here you’ll find all those tracks you hear by fans that you want – but can’t readily get – here.

Shadow Depository Cover Jpeg 43Kb

igiulamam – Robotnik’s Tea Party 2007 8.5MB
DjbluC Vs Bentley Jones
They Call Me Sonic (Happy Sonic Hardcore Mix)
2009 5.3MB
Ziron – Tails & The Music Maker – Picolescence 2011 4.7MB