Did you know the word ‘font’ is actually an American word that took over the use of the almost unknown English word fount? It’s true, and will probably get you extra credit for mentioning it in a paper or other piece of work. Below you can find not only Sonic and SEGA related fonts but fonts for other games as well! Bonus fonts plus educational titbits, aren’t I a nice old thing?

Font Size
Panzer Dragoon – ‘Hoffmann’ 50Kb
SEGA (Logo) 8Kb
SEGA Game Gear – ‘NiseGameGear’ 18Kb
SEGA Genesis – ‘NiseGenesis’ 16Kb
SEGA Mega Drive – ‘NiseMegaDriveEU’ 17Kb
SEGA Net – ‘NiseSegaNet’ 17Kb
SEGA Saturn (Europe) – ‘NiseSegaSaturnU’ 20Kb
SEGA Saturn (Japan) – ‘NiseSegaSaturn’ 22Kb
Sonic The Hedgehog 11Kb
Sonic 3 – ‘Gaslight’ 40Kb
Sonic Shuffle – ‘NiseSonicShuffle’ 29Kb
Sonic Battle – ‘NiseSonicBattle’ 17Kb
Font Size
Afterburner – ‘G7 Afterburner TTF’ 14Kb
Arkanoid – ‘Iomanoid’ 105Kb
Atari – ‘SF Atarian System’ 22Kb
Biohazard 17Kb
Blood Omen 18Kb
Commander Keen – ‘Standard Glactic Alphabet’ 44Kb
Counter Strike – ‘Facelift’ 64Kb
Darwinia – ‘BitLow’ 9Kb
Diablo – ‘Exocet (Light)’ 51Kb
Diablo – ‘Exocet (Heavy)’ 50Kb
Donkey Kong Country – Game Text ‘Kongtext Regular’ 11Kb
Doom 29Kb
FarCry (Extra Bold) 80Kb
Final Fantasy 5Kb
Grand Theft Auto – ‘Pricedown’ 19Kb
Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City – (Subtitle) ‘Pricedown’ 122Kb
Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas – (Subtitle) ‘Diploma’ 49Kb
Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas – (Locations) ‘Beckett’ 43Kb
Half-Life 40Kb
Halo (Hollow) 123Kb
Halo (Solid) 49Kb
Hitman 68Kb
Intellivision – ‘SF Intellivised’ 27Kb
Killer Instinct – ‘KInifed’ 33Kb
IBM – ‘MenInBlue’ 55Kb
Legend Of Zelda – Hylian Text ‘Hylian 64′ 10Kb
Legend Of Zelda III: A Link To The Past- ‘Return Of Ganon’ 10Kb
Legend Of Zelda IV: Link’s Awakening – ‘Triforce’ 43Kb
Magic The Gathering – Title font ‘MagicMedieval’ 29Kb
Magic The Gathering – Magic Symbols ‘MagicSymbols’ 34Kb
Metal Gear Solid (Logo) 42Kb
Metal Gear Solid – ‘Espionage’ 15Kb
Metal Gear Solid 2 (Logo) 25Kb
Metal Gear Solid 2 (Menu) 20Kb
Microsoft XBox 360 – ‘X360 By Redge’ 64Kb
Mortal Kombat 19Kb
Mortal Kombat 2 21Kb
Mortal Kombat 3 – ‘Ravel’ 33Kb
Mortal Kombat 4 43Kb
Mortal Kombat 5 40Kb
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon 14Kb
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance 42Kb
Mortal Kombat: Mythologies 46Kb
Namco 33Kb
NBA Live – ‘Aurora Condensed BT’ 37Kb
Neverwinter Nights 44Kb
Ninja Kid 2 12Kb
Nintendo – ‘Pretendo’ 9Kb
Nintendo GameCube – ‘GAMECUBEN DualSet’ 20Kb
Nintendo Wii – ‘Continuum Light’ 56Kb
Nintendo Wii – ‘Continuum Medium’ 46Kb
Nintendo Wii – ‘Continuum Bold’ 45Kb
Nokia N-Gage 19Kb
PacMan – ‘CrackMan’ 34Kb
Perfect Dark 32Kb
Pit Fighter – ‘Tejartchi’ 23Kb
Pokemon (Hollow) 81Kb
Pokemon (Solid) 37Kb
Pro Evolution Soccer – ‘QuickExpress’ 17Kb
Psygnosis – ‘PsyType’ 16Kb
Quake 17Kb
Republic Commando – ‘Anklepants’ 22Kb
Return To Castle Wolfenstein 22Kb
Riven 49Kb
Secret Of Mana – ‘Manaspace Regular’ 10Kb
Shadow Of The Colossus – ‘Shadow Of Xizor’ 27Kb
The Sims – ‘SimsLLHP’ 16Kb
SONY PlayStation – ‘Zrnic’ 53Kb
SONY PlayStation 2 – ‘BTSEPS2′ 16Kb
Soul Reaver 37Kb
Starcraft 41Kb
Star Wars: X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter – ‘TIE-Wing’ 31Kb
Super Mario World – ‘Chlorinp’ 15Kb
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 42Kb
Tron 17Kb
Turok 28Kb
Unreal Tournament 81Kb
Yoshi’s Island – ‘Yoster’ 13Kb
Yoshi’s Story – Game Text 33Kb
Panzer Dragoon – ‘Hoffmann’ 50Kb