Urtheart’s Boombox Special – May 31st

While Boombox is still out of season (considering I’ve yet to upload any of Season 2 to the archives), I still occasionally have that urge to do a show.

As such this coming Bank Holiday I ask you to tune in at 9pm BST on SSR for a special show to begin the summer. Not only will there be a few special suprises, but there will also be a competition to win a small load of goodies. So far this small goodie bag contains:

  • An SoS09 booklet
  • A copy of Sonic Heroes for PC
  • A copy of Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PC
  • Knuckles Sega Prize Europe Plush
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 192 (Archie)
  • Sonic Universe 7 (Archie)
  • Sonic F4F mini model
  • The Bewby Prize?

And we’ll be adding more prizes as we get em.

Did I say we?


Author: Urtheart

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    Will this competition be open to those outside the UK? If so, could you please provide a specific date? Because I don’t know when the next bank holiday is.

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