TSS Offline (Updated), Sonic Yoda Permanently, Oh Yes Win A Calendar!!!!

Competition time first of all – Win A Sonic Advent Calendar (and a SEGA goody bag) – what I want you to do is simply tell me (archangeluk[at]sonicwrecks[dot]com) why you should win one and what your favourite bit of Sonic Unleashed is. You’ve got until this time MIDDAY UK TIME TOMORROW so I can send them off before I go off on a WELL deserved mini-holiday. 3 Runners up will receive Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity T-shirts too.

We’re sad at Sonic Wrecks to hear of the passing of the Sonic Yoda, a fellow Sonic Generation 3 website. We at SW were always very fond of Sonic Yoda, both as a person and as a site which we saw as being a bastion of virtue in a somewhat mirky mire of fanboyism. I’ve gone on record several times as saying Yoda had the most potential out of all the “mid-range” websites to really flourish. And the content rocked too. We wish Lewis well in his new endeavours.

After my late night dose of truth on SSMB – to summarise, Sonic fans want everything and nothing and you can’t have both so they should make up their minds (Discoponies <3 me apparently for that, aww) Sonic Stadium appears to have been paralised presumably by the dose of the blatently obvious given. Or possibly by orcs. Evil, evil orcs.

EDIT: Dreadknux is at work apparently, presumably doing more reviews for Kikizo and not telling me like he’s supposed to *pimp slaps*. But ol’Breadducks says TSS began acting weird last night and now doesn’t know what is wrong with it, he’s hoping B’man will be able to fix it otherwise he’ll have a look this evening. Thus as of this moment SONIC WRECKS IS YOUR NEW GLOBAL LEADER. Everyone join our forum! Its much better.

It exists.

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