The Great Akhmin x Urtheart Competition

This is the contest you’ve all been waiting for, a chance for you to live out your deranged fantasies and see Akhmin and Urtheart doing what everyone wants them to do…

Go on a Date!

This contest is a free for all, enter however you like, all we want to know is what the hell happened on their date.

We’ve already got a couple of entries so it’s time to act.

And yes there is prizes, for those of you listening to the EC Clusterbuggery we’ve got a nice list of prizes, which recently got added to.

1st Prize for the best entry comes with a copy of Sonic  & All Stars Racing for the Wii (we have a PAL copy but if you aren’t EU based we’ll buy the copy for your region), and now a FREE COLLABERATION PICTURE BETWEEN ME AND NEMAIN! Yes you get to request a picture (reasonable request) which Nemain and myself will make into the highest quality piece of art we can (probably her drawing skills and my colouring skills), there may be one other prize in this as well, but we’ll leave that as a surprise.

2nd Prize is a copy of Sonic Mega Collection, again this might expand a bit

3rd Prize is an Archie Sonic the hedgehog comic

And then there is the infamous Bewby or in this case Booty prize, why is it a Booty prize? What I can tell you is that the Booty Prize will be equal to, or more, than the value of the main prize and recently got something added to as well, but instead of this going to simply the best entry, it will be going to the one that makes us laugh the most!

And for the boring part the rules:

1) You can put as many entries in as you like, but you can only select one as your final entry.
2) Please keep it viewable for all audience, I don’t think me, Nemain or Vger are up for much 18+ Akhmin X Urth pics.
3) The work you enter must be your own, art theft will be dealt with in the form of a painful death.
4) Deadline for entries for the moment is the 14th February.
5) Any form of entry is acceptable: Writing, comics, a drawing, Musical Ballad, sculptures… Just not nude photography, no matter how tasteful. (Unless it’s T and Svend… those you can send to Nemain…. for safekeeping)
6) Entries into


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