Sonic Wrecks’ 10-for-10 DreamCast Anniversary Competition [CLOSED]

This Wednesday will be the 9th of September 2009, or alternatively 09/09/09 – which means it will be exactly ten years since the DreamCast was launched. Let’s not forget this was also the North American launch date of Sonic Adventure too, and its for these reasons we’ve teamed up with SEGA (yes I know, thats kind of ironic considering who is writing this) for a special contest on the Sonic Wrecks Twitter account (@SonicWrecks).

Its very simple, from 09:09:09 (UK time) I’ll be on the SW twitter account and over the course of the day I’ll be giving away a special SEGA item. Some are Sonic related, some are not and the top one is, well, its something of mine. Something none of you have seen before and that T-Bird would do terrible things for.


– You need to follow SonicWrecks on Twitter, DO SO NOW!
– At certain points in time on Wednesday begining from 09:09:09 (UK time) you will be instructed to ReTweet (RT) a specific phrase. It could be anything.
– A person will be picked at random from those that do to win the item in question.

Celebrate the DreamCast and Sonic Adventure in the best way possible…. by winning lots of free stuff!

10 SEGA Years. 10 SEGA Prizes.

Prizes will be revealed tomorrow.

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

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