Advent Calendar Day 9 – Win A Sonic Colours Hat!

We have two winners to deal with first from previous competitions, the winner of the copy of Sonic Chronicles was Donatelus The Fox and Jen was the winner of the copy of SMDCC Vol 2.

We’re nine days into December and I can honestly say I’ve never been more surprised and outright baffled at the reaction to a piece of Sonic merchandise than that which we’re giving away on this particular giveaway. Yes ladies and gents, its the infamous Sonic The Hedgehog Hat!

A pre-order item at GameStop in the US and since them this piece of merchandise has reached ridiculous levels of hype. Well one lucky Wrecks visitor is going to get their hands (and scalp) on it – what I want to know is when you finally get the hat what you will do exactly? Leave a comment and in it finish this phrase:

“If I were to win that Sonic hat I would __________”

Oh yes, keep it clean eh?

Kevin Eva

Author: Kevin Eva

Gamer, scholar, gentleman & fountain of useless trivia, LMC's boss-man extraordinaire is also a super-awesome Community Manager who has worked on projects for SEGA, Square Enix, Konami, Capcom and more. Once co-created and hosted an international fan-convention because he can do that sort of thing.

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  1. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would, upon receiving it, take hold of it with both hands, lift it into the air and then slowly lower it onto my head as if it were a royal crown. The world shall stand still in awe, anticipating the moment I place the hat upon my hedgehog-loving bonce in celebration of what has truly been a glorious year for our spiky blue hero… the return of the king, if you will. Trumpets shall sound and fireworks will burst into the sky, lighting up the night and reminding us all that with a bit of faith we too can reach for the stars… we just have to find our own way, and take a chance on today… an inspirational and epic occasion, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Either that or I’ll go in the entirely opposite direction by wearing the hat whilst running around like a loon who’s had too many e-numbers (Skittles give you colour powers, right?!), screaming such classic quotations as “NO COPYRIGHT LAW IN THE UNIVERSE CAN STOP ME!” in the faces of unsuspecting passers-by. They’ll call me a public menace, but inside I’ll know I’m just spreading the Sonic love… and as a wise man once said, speak with your heart!

    And much like the energy gauges for the Wisp powers, my creativity in thinking up half-decent Sonic Colours references has now depleted. This final sentence shall instead take the more concise “less chat, more hat” approach as a last (tropical) resort. Pretty please, with a giant sized cherry from Sweet Mountain on top. I’ll even build you an interstellar amusement park in your honour. You can’t say no to the construction of The AAUK Galaxy of Fun™, surely?

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would have a new hat to wear to the basketball games! My old one has long since been worn into it’s old age and this would definitely stand out. From that point…. Well, it’s a hat! One that I would likely wear EVERYWHERE. I mean, what else do you do with a hat? It certainly isn’t worn on your elbow….

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  3. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would give it to my little boy who doesnt trust anyone in a hat after a certain team lead by a hatted and bearded gentleman beat him on nevermind the buzzbombers by cheating. Im sure this would restore his faith in hats… Beards might take a little longer…

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would become devoid of society and run around town centers, stealing golden rings from jewellers and chasing chubby blokes in their cars down the street. I’d also wear green contact lenses.

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would have considerably warmer ears 😀

    Well, my answer is based on fact.

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat, I would squeal with joy until it got here and when it came here, I would glue it to my head, try to get anywhere and everywhere using Spin Attacks, Spin Dashes, Homing Attacks and attempt to break TVs to gain power ups!

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    If I won that Sonic Hat I would run through the streets, not stopping no matter how weak my knees got, how hungry I got, or who tried to stop me. Eventually people would start talking about the guy who ran by in a streak of blue, and by the time they looked he’d be gone. No one would know my face, only the streak of my blue sonic hat.

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  8. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would soil my pants as if their was no tomarrow

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would be the most happiest fan boy EVER!!!!!! I’ll look at it and gaze upon it’s AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! For a very long time, and then when the time came I will put the hat upon my very hairy head and think to myself “I am wearing the most AWESOMENESS HAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!” I will then walk around the streets wearing the awesome Sonic hat not caring at people who look at me and think to themselves “who is that guy, in that hat?” People might think I am weird, others might think I look cool but know this, when I wear that hat i’m not wearing it just because i’m a crazy Sonic fanboy, i’m wearing it because I want to, because Sonic has been a part of my life for a very long time, and to show everyone that I am a hardcore Sonic The Hedgehog fan and that nothing and I mean NOTHING!!!!! Is going to change that.

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would scream. I would go around my house and outside screaming at everyone.

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  11. Urtheart

    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would wonder what the hell AAUK was thinking because he would know all I would do is burn it…

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  12. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I would scream so damn high
    More than one passer-by
    Would look at me like: “What”

    If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I would flail my arms
    I would improve my charms
    And earn +10 cool stat

    If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I might look like a fool
    Yet the fanboys would drool
    And I’d never look fat

    And if If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I’d grow massive breast
    To even put to the test
    Those of Rouge The Bat

    If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I’d develop unnatural powers
    Run straight for hours
    And even speak to my cat

    But honestly, If I were to win that Sonic Hat
    I would be as happy as I could be
    I could even compete with T
    It is simple as that


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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I’d wear it to class , jump on one of the tables, and dance around singing “I won the Sonic hat, Sonic hat, Sonic hat, I won the Sonic hat so ha freakin HA!” i’d most likely record it too.

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    I apologize for the off-topic post–first of all, thank you very much re: the SMDCC competition!–however I seem to be unable to send an email from my Yahoo address to either ArchangelUK’s address or the radioredux one. Yahoo gives me “550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name” errors.

    I received the email from ArchangelUK just fine (though Yahoo put it in the spam folder at first, silly thing)–trying to reply to it is the problem.

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    • ArchangelUK

      Check your email for alternate address. 😉

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    If i wear to win the hat, i would be wearing it while playing kinect sports, cause lets face it it would look cool on the 100m sprint. Oh yeah and i would cherish it for the rest of time 😀

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  16. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat, I would put it on my classic!Sonic doll. Because his spines are so short that I think he needs the hairpiece. =P

    Also, another day running around as Sonic the Hedgehog would be pretty cool, but everybody else is doing that. So I’d go buy a Mario hat and wear that too, because we all know Sonic in a Mario hat is the most adorable thing on the planet.

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would decide to leave behind my unsatisfactory job as a plumber and join forces with Tails, as I’m tired of saving my little red-hatted colleague’s girlfriend every time we’re on our way to a house that is in desperate need of some highly-skilled plumbing work.

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  18. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would run up and down the streets yelling that I’m the fastest thing alive!

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    If I were to win that Sonic hat I would wear all blue and suddenly abuse my boost button, forget about alien powers and homing attack and wait until I got 50 rings. Where would I put the rings? The Sonic hat. When I assemble enough rings on the hat to make it look golden, I’ll have to change. I’ll still abuse boost, though.

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  20. Avatar

    If I were to win that Sonic hat, I would….. Oh, who am I kidding?? Most comments on here are way to good for me to even think about keeping up! But who cares, though. It’s all about fun comments, anyway…

    So, if I were to win that silly, but still awesome, Sonic hat, I would, first, jump in excitement and joy because I barely ever win anything. Then I would put it on, wear blue from head to ankles (I would wear RED snickers, duh!) and sing out loud, so that the whole world can hear me “I’m the fastest thing alive!!!!!” I would be running around like a lunatic;

    -SONIC SEZ/SAYS: Who cares about what people think about you, just enjoy life as long as you can, ’cause it won’t last forever! Besides, you only have one! Better have fun as much as you can now, later it might be too late.-

    After a while full of craziness and real Sonic spirit, people will start threatening me with the police and I will never be able to show my face in public, ever again… (just kidding! :D)

    No, the problem would be my little sis, who can’t stand it if I have something she doesn’t… She would torture me until I give the hat to her! TORTURE, TELL YOU!!!!!!

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