A Race To A Name – The Origins of Gravitus

Hello again Wreckslets!

The Sonic Chronicles – The Dark Brotherhood – A Race to a Name competition is now in it’s final week! As I begin the final push, I thought I’d tell you just how it was Echo Hawk and myself came to the name.

When we both finally got together to think up a name, we were scarily on the same wavelength. We wanted a name derived from Latin; after all, that is how animal species are named, and if the name was going to be used worldwide, we want it to have Universal meaning.

I mucked around with a few words – Motusus (Earthquake), Terranus (Earthly), Fortis (Strong), Loricatus (Armoured). I also had a play with the word “Anomaly” which became Anomalyx and then Anomalix, I quite liked this name, however I finally came to the word Gravatas.

Gravatas means “Heavy” in Latin, and boy, do these guys look like they weigh a tonne! I mucked around with the word until it finally evolved into Gravitus, which is closer to the word Gravity, used in the context of modern society as a force created by all objects with mass. It has the association with space, and as these creatures are supposed to be aliens, I thought this was most appropriate!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the origins of Gravitus, and if you haven’t been already, head to www.sonic-city.com and cast your vote now! Friday the 14th of March 2008 is the final date to vote – so go and tell your friends to vote too! It would be an ultra-cool victory for Wrecks if we got this, so go on, what are you waiting for! Get voting!


– T-Bird

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