Comics – 108: The Seventh Dimension


  • Sonic Wrecks comic #108: “The Seventh Dimension” was completed on July 16th, 2012.
  • The comic is entirely revolving around the continual rumours of “Sonic Dimensions” from early 2012. The comic is also one of the biggest ever.
  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if you merged SW, TSSZ and Sonic Retro? SNWZ is your answer!
  • All the characters have computer systems that match their personality. Sonic for example is in an internet cafe because he has no home (as such) of his own.
  • Rambucks Coffee: Available everywhere… in Uruguay.
  • Naturally enough Tails has a ridiculous set up, the Cosmo post-it ties in with the end of Sonic X.
  • What on earth is that Rouge picture Shadow has? On second thoughts… don’t tell me.
  • My Chemical Plant Zone: new album coming soon.
  • Knuckles’ frame has quite a few throwbacks in it. For a start Knuckles has a beaten up old boxy PC on which attached under the plaster is a Summer of Sonic 2011 wristband.
  • There’s a Angelus version of the First 4 Figures Knuckles statue in the background.
  • Knuckles has three books: Social Interaction For Dummies, Chaos Emerald Repair – A History, and a big blast from the past in the Concise Alzari Bootleg Dictionary of English all the way back from #007: Welcome To Reduxville .
  • They Ty style plush (“Smoochie The Frog”) has an Fr tag… for Froggy, naturally(!)
  • Grumblr is of course a parody of Tumblr.
  • The disclaimer mentions several things, the song “If I Only Had A Brain” from The Wizard Of Oz, the song of the Stonecutters episode (Homer The Great) from The Simpsons and Daffy Duck character Duck Dodgers.