Comics – 105: The Nintendo Difference


  • Sonic Wrecks comic #105: “The Nintendo Difference” was completed in sprite form in early 2009 and in Hama form in June 2010.
  • The comic is also known by the title “What a Difference 365 Days Make”.
  • Sons of Adam/Daughters of Eve is a Chronicles of Narnia reference.
  • In the original script draft the Nintendo Approved poster was going to feature a seal giving a thumbs up – or a seal of approval.
  • Likewise the names of these most hardcore of Nintendo fanboys are Jeff (baseball cap) & Davis (long hair).
  • Jeff is drinking some Falcon Punch in a homage to Captain Falcon off F-Zero.
    The Apple-esque logo designed by Sonicmark is a riff on Kirby.
  • Spot the Super Mario in frame four.
  • Yes, Davis is using a GameCube controller. Why? Because you don’t think so hardcore a fanboy would use a “kiddy”wiimote do you? He’d want to play his console as a gamer!