Comics – 098: Generation Vexed


  • Generation Vexed finishing date was 20th April 2011.
  • The comic’s title comes from the phrase “Generation Next”, which was used by Pepsi as a slogan in the early to mid-90’s.
  • The comic itself is a parody of the first trailer for Sonic Generations.
  • “Well, here we are again. It’s always such a pleasure.” Is the first line from Want You Gone the end song from Portal 2.  Numerous other allusions to the Valve game and the song populate the disclaimer.
  • The in-name titles refer to AAUK having recently left SEGA.
  • The French word for apple is pomme, and potato is pomme de terre (essentially) apple of the ground – potatoes being another Portal 2 reference.
  • Lets face it, was there any point to the PSP Go?