Comics – 097: Coasting It: Insane In Nemain-brane


  • ‘Coasting It: Insane In Nemain-brane’ was completed on November 27th 2010.
  • The comic marks a departure from the sprite comics SW is normally known for and instead is a hand drawn direct follow on to one of the Emerald Coast comics.
  • It also marks the first comic AAUK hasn’t written or created beyond the framework.
  • As such the artists are Nemain (for the actual DtN frames) and Ram The Dragon.
  • The title is a pun on Emerald Coast and the Cypress Hill Song "Insane In The Membrane"
  • Silver is again doing various tasks based upon his rather shouty lines in Sonic 2006. An ornithologist is a bird watcher incidentally if you don’t know. The song is also referenced in the diclaimer with the line "Who you tryin to get crazy with ese?" which is a lyric from the song.
  • If you didn’t get that Blake and Ram are an item yet… well, they are.
  • The reference to "war fairies" is a nod to the origins of the name ‘Nemain’.
  • Both artists nicknames in the disclaimer relate to their respective partners at the time. "Hill" being Blake’s surname and "Tuff" being T-Bird’s.