Comics – 093: Opa-tunity Knocks


  • Comic #093 was finished on 22nd February 2010.
  • The second Anarchie Wrecks comic, this came a lot quicker than intended owing to something that occurred when Blake Draco and ArchangelUK were playing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.
  • Namely Opa-Opa + 7 Chaos Emeralds = SUPER OPA-OPA! In fact "Opa!" has now become a Wrecks HQ term for when an action results in something being created or alternatively becoming more than it was. Sort of like "ta-da!"
  • This uses page 5 of Sonic Universe #4.
  • The disclaimer refrences Tolkein series The Lord Of The Rings and also Forrest Gump.
  • The box of magpies however is an in-joke between Blake and AAUK as to the most devastating foreign object that could be used in a fight.
  • Think about it, you know it makes sense(!)