Comics – 092: The Battle Of Little Big Hog

  • Comic #092 was finished on 7th February 2010.
  • This is the first non-sprite Sonic Wrecks comic and its point is that its actually a parody of what Archie would be like if SW actually wrote it.
  • In other words we’re saying Archie do it a lot better than we would!
  • This uses page 2 of Sonic Universe #1.
  • For the “Anarchie Rules” comics the top of the comic is reversed – in that the diagonal strip is the gray area and the rest has the burnt effect.
  • The “tattoo” logo also replaces the Shadow head here.
  • The disclaimer references the “5th turtle” Venus De Milo, from TMNT The Next Mutation.
  • AAUK actually owns the original pencils of this page. 🙂