Comics – 090: Just Married

  • As you can imagine its a celebration of sorts, with AAUK and Echo Hawk’s marriage.
  • "Now Entering Chemical Wedding Zone" is a double reference to both Chemical Wedding by Bruce Dickingson but also Entering Death Egg Zone from the Sonic Arcade album.
  • Everyone mentioned in the disclaimer was indeed at the wedding.
  • Da Da De-Da is supposed to be the Zelda treasure located noise.
  • It was discovered at the after-party that Vger is a big fan of Port.
  • AAUK’s description bizarrely contains a reference to the kids song Going To The Zoo.
  • Echo Hawk’s surname is naturally changed to Eva.
  • Her description makes reference to the main character "The Bride" from Kill Bill (Parts 1 & 2).
  • "Gordon Street" is actually a reference to the firstline of Crashed The Wedding by teen band Busted.