Comics – 087: Apocalypse Now, Dreadknux

  • Comic #087 was finished in the early hours of March 6th 2009..
  • The title a reference to the extended DVD of the film "Apocalypse Now" ironically called baring in mind this websiets radio shoe "Apocalypse Now Redux"
  • The comic is basically a reference to the fall of TSS with its hosts wiping it of its content.
  • The statue was used in a Emerald Coast ‘Dark Light’ series comic as per an original idea by AAUK.
  • Its itself based around an episode of Futurama and the Summer of Sonic
  • The result is a take off of the end of "Planet Of The Apes".
  • Urtheart gave AAUK a massive bar of Milk Tray for his birthday in 2009, hence his description.
  • The disclaimer also features a reference to the song to the Fruvous Moxy song "King of Spain" in which is sung "Once I was the King of Spain, now I eat humble pie."