Comics – 086: 404s & Circuit Breakers

  • Comic #086 was finished in the early hours of February 16th 2009..
  • The title and the comic in question is a parody of Kanye West’s song "Love Lockdown" from "808’s & Heartbreak"
  • We go back to find Omega still only a head – and he provides the only unaltered lyric in "system overload".
  • The performance of Metal is a parody of the several live versions of the song performed by West in front of big screen showing lightning and dark thunder clouds.
  • Hawk appears for the first time since…er…
  • Um….
  • Hawk appears for the first time for some considerable time.
  • The description of the author is a nod to NiGHTS Journey Of Dreams.
  • "Stop (stop) being so hard on yourself…" are lyrics from Take That song "Shine".
  • Love Lockdown is sung with an auto-tuner.