Comics – 085: Collision Course

  • Comic #085 was the last of the Sonic Wrecks comics created before they were renumbered when Version 6.0 of the SW site launches in February 2009.
  • The "Large Hogdon Collider" is a parody of the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Starburst were indeed called Opal Fruits for anyone outside the UK or too young to remember. Their popuarity dipped greatly after the name change as people refused to identify with them anymore.
  • ArchangelUK liked lime flavoured chews.
  • And strawberry.
  • And apple… but you never seem to get those except with Fruitella. Sigh.
  • As usual the collider is made up of all sorts of Sonic 3 and Advance 2 bits.
  • The payoff obviously references the supposed "Black Hole Of Calcutta"
  • The quoted description of the author in the disclaimer references the engagement of Echo Hawk and ArchangelUK.