Comics – 079: Picture If You Will

  • "Picture If You Will" was completed on 1/04/2008.
  • This comic was on the drawing board, er, as such for some time and is one of the two comics I said I wanted to do way back when. The other is a hand drawn comic.
  • The Picture If You Will title was on the to do list in the archive for over TWO YEARS.
  • The title itself is a reference to a Farscape episode of the same name.
  • Its DiGi Valentine in the Sonic suit incidentally and TRiPPY – both of taking the photos.
  • They get a wrestling-centric reference in the disclaimer . TRiPPY/Triple H and Digi/Greg "The Hammer" Vallentine.
  • Yup ArchangelUK stars with Sonic. That’s him don’t’cha know.
  • The six demon bag is from Big Trouble In Little China which is said to contain "Wind, Fire all that kind of stuff!"