Comics – 076: There Are Four Blue Lights

  • "There Are Four Blue Lights" was completed on 20/11/2007.
  • This comic was ORIGINALLY the 50th Sonic Wrecks comic before they were renumbered and reclassified in February 2009. It was decided that it would keep its gold trim though.
  • The name of the comic references the four lights on a Wiimote but is also a reference to the memorable confrontation between Picard and his Cardassian interrogator in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Chain Of Command".
  • The fact that, technically this ISN’T the 50th comic is mentioned in the dislaimer.
  • We’ve a special gold frame to celebrate.
  • Shadow seemingly does the 100m, Long Jump, High Jump, Swimming and Pole Vault.
  • The disclaimer is done in the style of a traditional "Englishman, Irishman…" joke.