Comics – 073: Why Shadow In Zelda Wouldn’t Work: Solsbury Hylian

  • “Why Shadow In Zelda Wouldn’t Work: Solsbury Hylian” was completed on 28/08/2007.
  • The subtitle is a refrence to the song "Solsbury Hill"
  • The first in a series of "Wouldn’t Work In…" comics, this makes reference specifically to the beginning of Ocarina of Time.
  • Awww… The SW logo has a little Link hat on!
  • The introductory text uses the Link to the Past font.
  • The Great Deku Tree does say a lot….
  • Radio Redux was at the time being sponsored by NoMoreBlue – it became a running joke to see just how often NMB could be referenced in passing.
  • The Navi jokes had kind of been done to death by this time – but hey, like SW cares!
  • The input sequence given at the end of the disclaimer is that to play the Song of Time. Hence sending you back 7 years and the gag still being topical.