Comics – 072: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  • “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” was completed on 05/08/2007.
  • Nothing really much going on with this comic reference wise.
  • There’s a lot facial things going on that you might care to take note of.
  • Originally "Breaking Up.." was to come immediately after "Making Up Is Hard To Do".
  • Topaz Illumni is a Redux character not mentioned in the original story but who features in the plot of the following three discontinued adventures.
  • Topaz is a cyan haired Traveller as well as being enamoured of Alzari.
  • She also has the unfortunate ability of making things difficult for Angelus and getting in his way.
  • AAUK is indeed 1/4 Irish.
  • DC’s description makes reference to the song Funky Town, more specifically the line: "Won’t you take me to – Funky Town?"
  • The Sonic Wrecks description meanwhile refrences Australian childrens television series SpellBinder.
  • The "red haired one" being Ashka and "sexy girl with bolas" being a reference to lead character Riana.