Comics – 070: Shaddy Hogger & The Deathly Silence

  • "Shaddy Hogger & The Deathly Silence" was completed on 20/07/2007.
  • As might be obvious, the comic was made in light of the world going nuts for the seventh and final Harry Potter novel.
  • The comic title parodies the name of the seventh book as a result.
  • The frame is done out in burgandy and gold stripes for Hogwart house Griffendor.
  • Conversely the disclaimer section is in Slitherin’s silver and green.
  • The version of the book Shadow is reading is the UK childrens edition – however the artwork for the US edition of the book is featured as the backing for the comic’s title.
  • The disclaimer is in the format of a song by the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.
  • ‘Do you like Buttertarts?’ is a reference to a line from the spoken introduction to Steal My Sunshine by LEN.