Comics – 069: Sweet Little Sixteen

  • "Sweet Little Sixteen " was completed on 23/06/2007.
  • This comic was a celebratory comic made for Sonic’s 16th birthday and was started and finished on the same day.
  • The backing image is of Sonic & Tails when they appeared in the Phantasy Star Online lobby as a special event.
  • All the things listed are accurate under UK law.
  • Seems Shadow is still up for a bit of the ol’ violence occasionally.
  • Although maybe it’s just because it’s Sonic…
  • The song Good Morning To You was the first song to use the melody that would eventually be transposed to Happy Birthday To You.
  • Travelling to Pavonis Mons By Balloon is a song by The Flaming Lips.
  • The ‘whirling purple dervish’ is a reference to SSMB member Violet.
  • The last line (chic-chicka boom…) is a reference to the song Cuban Pete which featured in the film The Mask.