Comics – 068: Do You Know Who I Am?

  • "Do You Know Who I Am?" was completed on 09/06/2007.
  • The comic name is taken from TSS supremo Dreadknux’s jokey catchphrase which refuses to go away.
  • Though admitedly this is mainly due to the efforts of ArchangelUK and T-Bird!
  • The media takeover seems to have reached its climax, as we have a cavalcade of television show references.
  • Firstly we get Gladiators with Mecha Sonic and MegaMan duking it out on Duel.
  • Note the ‘contender’ MegaMan has a more open style safety helmet than his normal enclosed one.
  • Next we have The Weakest Link, with Metal Sonic equipt with Anne Robinson leather jacket and hairstyle.
  • A ShyGuy appears in SW! Not only that but frame four is a mass of cameo appearances.
  • Left to Right:
    ShyGuy, Omega, Kirby, Gemerl, Hawk, Sparkster and Mighty The Armadillo.
  • The use of the phrase Anne-Droid is a reference to the Doctor Who episode Bad Wolf in which Rose Tyler was forced to participate in a future version of the game aboard orbiting TV station Satelite 5. The show had a robotic Anne Robinson – the "Anne Droid" – and the penalty for being ‘The Weakest Link’ was death.
  • Why hasn’t Rargghh! Rargghh! Raargghh! become a Internet meme yet? I dunno…
  • Next- this one is not really specific but a stereotypical husband/wife american sitcom.
  • Note Eggman’s ‘working man’ hat. Fancy~!
  • Sonic’s sentence doesn’t seem to make much sense gramatically. This is deliberate as Sonic isn’t that smart really… plus he’s struggling to make a convincing argument.
  • Angelus and Alzari make their first appearance in a long time.
  • Disclaimer:
  • Dreadknux appears! His cry is a reference to the film Soilent Green. The actual line though was written by Echo Hawk as an off the cuff remark. However, ArchangelUK liked it so much he added it to this comic.
  • The beginning of the disclaimer is a reference to the iconic cry of the referee of Gladiators in the UK.
  • The line about the need to undress and a boxing match is a reference to the song Pure Morning by Placebo.
  • "Crazy and in conclusion, much better than a dream." Is the end line to the theme from cartoon show The Dreamstone.