Comics – 066: The Chosen One

  • "The Chosen One" was completed on 27/04/2007.
  • The comic name is a reference to the song of the same name sung by A2 in Shadow The Hedgehog.
  • A welcome return to all things ‘plot’ after a little absence.
  • This comic is somewhat political, as it makes comment of people’s definition of what Freedom and Democracy are.
  • In some ways you could say it references events in Russia, America, Iraq, the UK, Europe, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Africa… need I continue? 🙁
  • It also serves the purpose of repositioning Shadow as the star of the comics. With the passing of the Ragnarok trilogy Sonic had become more of the central character.
  • This is of course the complete opposite of the normal Sonic Wrecks scheme.
  • It was prudent to do that though, as with Metal Sonic’s rise to power he had to beat Sonic. Which he did.
  • Thus the occupation IS Sonic’s fault as he failed, so when the others accuse him they are of course right.
  • You may notice, going back to Ragnarok, that Metal Sonic did not get his by Shadow’s chaos spear – that was deliberate.
  • So this comic sets up Shadow as the ‘hero’. Sonic as the ‘out of favour’ character and also boosts Amy to her role as head of the New Freedom Fighters.
  • This sub-storyline for Amy now starting to pan-out had been planned for well over a year and a half(!)
  • Disclaimer time!
  • Poor Rouge, more insinuations about her, er, integrity. But she’s at least getting lines, right Rouge fans?
  • 42 is of course the answer to everything according to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.
  • Sonic Wrecks has the strength of ten tigers apparently… an ability called upon (normally) by the purple-clad ghost who walks – The Phantom.