Comics – 065: Beret & Bongos

  • “Beret & Bongos ” was completed on 6/04/2007.
  • Berets and bongos are references to the art of ‘performance poetry’.
  • Why the ‘similarities’ dislaimer? Because SEGA were doing a four line Sonic based poems contest at the time.
  • I won’t finish off Charmy’s limerick.
  • The comment about Power Rings was made with much affection.
  • The Knuckles limerick was submitted for it as a bit of fun, but couldn’t win as it obviously. It broke the rules in it’s five line nature and also AAUK couldn’t win anyway as he was working for SEGA by the time the contest finished.
  • In SONIC The Hedgehog, a bug caused the camera occasionally whilst playing with Rouge in a party and pressing pause to end up looking straight down her somewhat ample cleavage.
  • Disclaimer!
  • The delivery service witch is a reference to Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • Another Grease reference? You bet! The description of Sonic Wrecks is from the song “Greased Lightning”