Comics – 064: Propaganda! Greasepaint Is The Word

  • "Propaganda! Greasepaint Is The Word" was completed
    on 19/03/2007.
  • The title is a clown based pun on the song "Grease Is The Word" from the musical Grease.
  • Way to go and bury Sonic incidentally Shadow…
  • It was around this time I realised curly brackets in the comic text gave the idea of non-vocal noises – as seen with the sigh. These have no replaced the uses of asterisks.
  • Obviously the television programs Metal Sonic mentions are a parody of America’s Got Talent, RollerJam was the show on TNN that was the following show to ECW. As for Whoops, That’s No Cucumber… well, one dreads to think.
  • Disclaimer time!
  • "Well I woke up today…" is the first few lines from the song "Song For Ten" from the Doctor Who 2005 Christmas special "The Christmas Invasion"
  • Claudia Black of course played Aeryn Sun in Farscape.
  • "Speaking as a guy who’s really got it going on…", "not asking a lot of (me)" and "gives (you) R.E.S.P.E.C.T." are lines from the Barenaked Ladies song "It’s Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)"
  • The description prior to Sonic Wrecks is from a very famous Pepsi advert from the seventies.