Comics – 063: Chao For Now

  • "Chao For Now" was completed
    on 22/02/2007.
  • The title is a pun on the phrase ‘ciao for now’.
  • Nothing really important, but I thought I’d just say how pleased I was with Sonic and Knuckles’ facial expressions in the first two frames.
  • Presumably there is an enterance to the Chao Garden on the Egg Cruiser. Why not? There seems to be one everywhere else… makes you wonder why it took people so long to discover Chao.
  • YES. That is Raven. Making his ‘official’ SW debut, I’m sure a shadow chao featured in a previous comic but that wasn’t Raven.
  • But what is Raven doing there cosying up with Dr.E?
  • Hmmm…
  • The disclaimer is odd as it only features one pop culture reference – and that is the end line.
  • The ‘story’ was at one stage considered to be the dialogue of an Alzari comic. However considering it would have to be with Angelus who’d be with the injured Frost the tone wouldn’t have worked as you would have this funny dialogue being used on a character visibly upset at the health of another. Put simply it just wouldn’t work in the context it would have to be used in.
  • The description of Sonic Wrecks is a reference to the theme tune of 80s cartoon ‘Dangermouse’.