Comics – 062: I Dream Of An Absent Lotion

  • "I Dream Of An Absent Lotion" was completed on 02/02/2007 .
  • The title is obviously a pun on the title of Silver’s theme music from SONIC The Hedgehog – "I Dream Of An Absolution" by Lee Brotherton of Remix Factory.
  • As it is Silver’s first solo outing, the comic is done up in a similar colour scheme to the psychokinetic hog.
  • The opening frame’s naration is a reference to the famous 2006 Sonic comic release:
    "25 Years Later –
    The Once & Future Kings".
  • The backgrounds are actually altered Megaman backgrounds.
  • Albinos are highly sensitive to sunlight.
  • Whenever AAUK is asked why Silver is not a true albino (i.e. he has eye pigment, hence his eyes are gold not red) he replies that he wears contact lenses.
  • Disclaim-AHHHH!
  • The bit about paying attention to how great the Silver sprite is is because ArchangelUK actually made the Silver sprite from scratch – which he’s rather proud of for a first effort.
  • The ‘school for the gifted’ is a reference to the X-Men, the bit about the goverment being a direct reference to the film X-Men II.
  • "I know that’s always the answer – go under the sea." Is a reference to The Simpsons, where Homer suggests all their problems will go away if they live under the sea and Marge protests that’s his answer to everything.
  • The following is obviously a parody/tribute to the unique vocal stylings of George W.Bush. The main body of the text, where it talks about bringing peace loving people to justice is a direct parody of a gaff he made at a press conference where he basically said the same thing about needing to find those Iraqis who value freedom and peace and bring them to justice.
  • Thank God he can only be elected twice by US law.
  • The last line is a reference to the lyrics of Silver’s Theme.

    "Would you change the past; mend a faux pas with one last chance."