Comics – 061: You’re In The Doghouse Now Man

  • "You’re In The Doghouse Now Man" was completed on 19/01/2007.
  • The title is a parody of YTMND’s full name –
    You’re The Man Now Dog.
  • The comic came as a result of SEGA Europe’s surprise threat of legal action against YTMND after (their) use of the "That’s NO GOOD." clip from the ‘moral lesson’ endings of an old Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon relating to sexual abuse in a variety of x-rated ways.
  • Many people started questioning where the action would end.
  • Hence some began voicing concern about SW’s future.
  • The Master Hand (ArchangelUK)’s opening speech is in a similar vain to Troy McClure from The Simpsons.
  • MH’s film credits reference Sonic & The Secret Rings.
  • Originally plans were in place to have the ‘Marionic’ in place of Sonic for several comics just to play up the "worry".
  • The reference to driving is about Golden Earing’s driving song hit Radar Love.
  • The Sonic Wrecks description is a reference to a series of adverts done in the early 90’s for sunflower spread product "Vitalite" specifically the final one of the series.