Comics – 060: Making Up Is Hard To Do

  • ‘Making Up Is Hard To Do’ was completed 17/01/07.
  • This comic was the first to appear after the culmination of the ‘Red Weed’ site event.
  • It would have been the Christmas 2006 comic, however delays caused by hard drive failure meant this was not to be.
  • It is a storyline comic though, and brings back together Sonic and Knuckles as friends through using humour to ‘one up’ themselves.
  • The dialogue for this was inadvertantly written Christmas 2005 in a messenger convo between Dreadknux and AAUK. (AAUK is Knuckles’s speech mostly.) However a lot of what Dreadknux said had to be changed to a less ‘adult’ feel.
  • Orginally, Sonic mentions crack cocaine not absinthe.
  • Sonic’s talk about Jamaica was actually written by AAUK as a continuation of what was ‘said’ in the frame previously.
  • The ‘loose moraled’ reindeer were refered to much more bluntly by Mr Joscelyne.
  • The remarks about Kenya in the disclaimer refers to the Weebl animation Kenya which advertises the benefits of the country. “Got lions and tigers only in Kenya.”
  • The following remark about bears is a Wizard of Oz reference.
  • TV comedy group The Goodies advertised their fictional help bureau as doing ‘Anything, Anytime, Anywhere’ with the end words of the disclaimer being a parody of the audio bumper used on the show. “Goodies! Goody goody, yum yum.”