Comics – 050: Risable Of The Robots

  • ‘Risable Of The Robots’ was completed 14/11/06.
  • The comic directly follows on from the Ragnarok trilogy and is the first ‘normal’ SW comic for the new story arc.
  • The
    title is a play on the infamously poor (and biggest gaming financial disaster ever) beat-em-up Rise Of The Robots.
  • This comic features several instances of the ‘Red Weed’ virus which are feasting on the comic’s framework, thanks to some detective work by the EchoWorlds forum the virus – which at the time was causing Sonic Wrecks to slowly shut down – had been correctly identified as being text in the ‘Hylian’ font. As a result of their translation efforts, messages were put into the next few comics and various levels of encryption were used.
  • The horizontal frame text says: SEEJMERL WAS RIGHT after CJMErl (there is no letter C in Hylian) confirmed the discovery, followed by IT IS HYLIAN for the vertical.
  • CJMErl also attempted to help cleans the system with another code. Called Ultima Helix and despite sounding like a bad Transformer name it could be seen represented on later comics and the SW website as blue characters.
  • It’s subsequent failure to stop the Red Weed virus made CJMErl a sad panda. Or a pad santa. Depending upon it’s mood.
  • A bit of a code giveaway was used by putting ARCHANGELUK at the bottom of the last frame.
  • The left hand side of the disclaimer is in fact gibberish, but the right hand side clearly states ALL HAIL EMPEROR METAL.
  • The head of Omega’s ‘Destroy!’ speech is from the movie adaptation of ‘Lost In Space’ .
  • Disclaimer time peeps!
  • The comments about dance floors references the dance ‘the robot’ firstly and also references Futurama‘s Bender with the ‘shiny metal ass’ quote.
  • ‘Blood On The Dancefloor’ is a Michael Jackson album.
  • ‘Two puppets of sheep and dog form’ reference Woolworths mascots Wooly and Worth who ArchangelUK hates; the Woolworth’s tagline ‘well worth it’ is also used.