Comics – 047: Overkill

  • ‘Overkill’ was completed 17/09/06.
  • It’s
    a non-storyline
    wreckslet and is more
    of a commentary on the
    growing number of
    hedgehogs in the Sonicverse.
  • Club
    Rouge of course
    features in Sonic Battle.
  • The
    name ‘Rouge’ in this
    instance uses the
    Fatboy Slim font.
  • This
    comic features the
    at the time unnamed (officially) mysterious purple crystaline
    hedgehog who caused
    all the fusslater
    revealed to be Mephilies.
  • Disclaimer
    time! ‘There ain’t no party
    like an S-Club party!’
    is from ‘S Club Party’
    by S Club 7.
  • ‘Downtown’s
    been caught
    by the hysteria.’
    is a line from Alcazar’s
    ‘Crying At The
  • Whilst,
    for the
    comic’s title – ‘The only way
    to feel the noise is
    when it’s good and loud.’
    comes from ‘Overkill’
    by Motörhead.
  • It
    was Inter Galactica Dance Club who did
    the infamous remix
    track: ‘Super Sonic
    Dance Attack’
    it’s usage references
    The Beastie Boys’ song ‘Interglactic’ – ‘Intergalactic planetary.
    Planetary intergalactic.’
  • The
    neckerchief stuff
    is another Alcazar
    reference, this time
    being the line ‘You wore a tie like
    Richard Gere.’
  • The
    multiple striped toothpaste is a nod
    to the brand
  • The
    white stripe
    descripton being all
    about the band The
    White Stripes.