Comics – 045: Heavy Metal Blunder

  • ‘Heavy Metal Blunder’ was completed 28/07/06.
  • A
    non-storyline comic,
    this time mocking the
    final stage of Sonic Heroes.
    AAUK is known for
    disliking Sonic Heroes
    due to the great difficulty
    in getting the third Chaos
    Emerald onwards.
  • For
    a VERY long time,
    the comic was going to
    be called
    ‘A Dolt From The Blue’
    but this was changed
    to avoid a possible
    comic naming problem
    down the line.
  • This
    comic is rather
    heavy on the references.
  • The
    comic’s title is a mock on ‘heavy metal thunder’ which itself comes
    from the Steppenwolf song "Born To Be Wild".
  • Again
    as it’s an
    ‘alternate’ version we
    have the Director’s Cut
    or DX. The text under
    ‘Press Start’ references
    wrestling stable Degeneration-X
    (aka DX) as a result.
  • The
    Metal Overlord
    Metal Sonic is a
    recolour of the
    monsterous red Metal
    Sonic from Knuckles’ Chaotix as is tradition
    in Sonic sprite comics.
  • In
    the disclaimer text:
    ‘Break it down!’ is
    another DX reference.

    The line after
    ‘underground’ references
    the David Bowie song "Underground" which was
    used on the soundtrack
    to the film Labyrinth:

  • "No
    one can blame you, for walking away….
    ….life can’t be easy
    it’s not always swell.
    Don’t tell me truth
    hurts little girl – ’cause it hurts like hell."
  • The
    line about clock
    towers and crazy
    scientists is a nod to Back To The Future.
  • "Those
    tiny little lifeforms, those precious little lifeforms"
    is from
    Data’s lifeforms song in Star Trek: Generations.
  • A final
    reference for the
    description of Sonic
    Wrecks – Which comes
    from the Queen
    song "Flash".