Comics – 043: First Impressions

  • ‘First Impressions’ was completed 10/05/06.
  • The
    comic was made in response to yet ANOTHER hedgehog
    being added to the Sonicverse for Sonic The Hedgehog
  • The
    actual name of the character was of course revealed
    to be Silver The Hedgehog – but at the time this was
    not known.
  • Silver’s
    speech is very much the generic Sonic ‘new villain’
  • AAUK
    is not a big fan of Silver as you might have guessed.
  • There
    are a lot of ‘white’ related musical references in
    the discalimer.
  • ‘..see
    if they can play any funky music…’ is a reference
    to the classic ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ by
    Wild Cherry.
  • Forming
    a band… an Average White band…
  • ‘…a
    snake handy that was a shade lighter than is considered
    healthy…’ Refers to the band Whitesnake and also
    ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ by Procol Harem.
  • Lastly
    of course there is the snowy-coloured album. Which
    you can probably guess is a reference to The Beatles’ White Album.