Comics – 039: The Morning After…

  • ‘The Morning After…’ was completed 15/02/06.
  • The continuation of the Party cycle, this comic is obviously after ‘…the night before’
  • Angelus’s comment refers to a joke in the film Mrs Doubtfire about being killed by ‘The Drink’.
  • Why does Angelus have a traffic cone on his head? One always appears after a night out. 🙂
  • In reference to the Winter Olympics of 2006 (in Turin/Torino, Italy) that was going on at the time Ben’s description refers to infamous (see: rubbish) ski UK jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.
  • Kevin’s lists two of the types of jumps you can do in ice skating, Toe-Loop and Salko. The others are Axel and Lutz.
  • The randomness after Ben’s name though referes to the song ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ by Seal.
  • I seriously did try that with the Coca-Cola and milk. The reaction is as described.