Comics – 034: Lou Could Have It So Much Better

  • ‘Lou Could Have It So Much Better’ was completed 12/12/05.
  • The title is a combo pun on the Franz Ferdinand album title ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’ with Lou referring to iconic Neighbours character Lou Carpenter.
  • This is the first comic charting the night of the celebratory party.
  • The ‘croc wrestler’ is a reference of course to Steve Irwin.
  • A line was taken from Knuckles during frame five where he comments Vector’s Auntie Margret is a lovely lady and always sends him a birthday card.
  • To go with it’s Aussie theme the disclaimer is upside down! 😀
  • The end lines reference both the Neighbours theme tune and another iconic phrase from the Australian soap opera. Bouncer was the Labrador owned by the Mangle Family.