Comics – 033: Kontinue?

  • ‘Kontinue?’ was completed 11/11/05.
  • The title is a result of the Mortal Kombat references and uses the MK3 font.
  • This is was originally going to be called ‘The Problem With Plotlines’ or something similar as its whole purpose was to reunite Sonic and Shadow’s groups. Also introduce the Redux Rabble to the others as they haven’t (in storyline) met yet!
  • Amy chased Sonic over the horizon all right; way back in comic #004: "Major Plot Spoilers"
  • That’s 18 MONTHS ago!!!
  • The mobile phones used here were hand drawn. If you can’t make it out, Sonic’s is silver and Knux’s blue.
  • The karaoke being sung is "Power Of Love" By Huey Lewis & The News and was used in Back To The Future (Incidentally Huey has a cameo in that as the Talent Show organiser who tells Marty "I’m afraid you’re just too damn loud.")
  • ‘Who the hell was that?’ – Remember Knux hasn’t met Angelus or the others yet.
  • Findus are a frozen food manufacturer. Sub-Zero was a member of the Lin-Kuei. I don’t know what Scorpion was in.
  • Speaking of Scorpion, here he is! Old School Scorpion was created over a loooong time. But there is now about 8 sprites of ‘Shadowian’ on the edited sprite sheet.
  • Shadowian uses his infamous attack (the rope effect took ages) and bursts through the comic frame! The effect was done by carefully erasing and modifying the underlying base frame. The cracks were done by hand.
  • Shadowian launches into his Fatality! The ‘Dum-dum-dum!’ and darkening of the background exactly mimicks MK.
  • Scorpian’s first fatality in MK1 was this. Pulling off his mask to reveal his skull underneath and toasting the foe to a crisp.
  • Now we all know Shadow has a beautiful spleen.
  • To complete the MK theme we have the end fatality announcement and the pop up guy saying the immortal line: ‘Toasty!’
  • The Toasty guy IS NOT AAUK. In fact it’s Dreadknux. So all those people who emailed saying AAUK looks cool. Gee thanks a lot…
  • ‘I am the very model of a modern Major General’ is from the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta The Pirates of Penzance