Comics – 032: Sudden Death Amok Time

  • #032 was completed 24/10/05.
  • This comic is a special celebratory issue to commemorate SW’s significant victory in the Sonic Site Awards 2005.
  • The comic is based around an SSR chatroom comment immediately after the tie for the 2005 SSA was announced that demanded a deathmatch tiebreaker.
  • Hence ‘Sudden Death Amok Time’ not overtime.
  • Amok Time is the episode of Star Trek (Original Series) where Spock and Kirk fought on Vulcan.
  • The weapons held my Matt TY and Angelus (AAUK) are those used by Spock and Kirk.
  • Cameos aplenty! Far Left Arch: Roareye Black Mid Left: Haze (Shadow Grounds) Centre: Dreadknux (obviously). Mid Right: Echo Hawk Far Right: Cloud and Demx (Sonic Style)
  • The text itself is a parody of the of the original opening titles of Unreal Tournament.