Comics – 029: Ad Nauseum

  • ‘Ad Nauseum’ was completed 29/08/05.
  • Tails returns to a speaking roll, presumably as he says cured of his concussion obtained way back in #013 The People’s Fox.
  • This comic was made really off the back of a lot of emails worrying that Shadow hadn’t been seen in a ‘normal’ SW comic since he left in a huff at the end of #012.
  • ‘Sailor Gem’ is obviously a takeoff of Sailor Moon. Originally this was done my AAUK as a gift for his friend Gemma in 2004 as a birthday present. Originally it was done using Weemee characters edited up to look like their mutual friends. A year later and another episode was created this time using edited Megaman characters.
  • The episode title is a spoof on an atypical sickeninly sugary magical girl anime episode title. Hence Love, Freedom and MORE Love.
  • The font used for Sailor Gem-speak is the same as the one now used by Sonic Style.
  • So then, from left to right we have:
  • Sailor Mel (short for Melody) whose hair isn’t REALLY strawberry coloured but she thought it was cool.
  • Then Sailor Meg, who in reality is another Gemma but gets called Meg. ‘Cause, y’know… reverse Gem and ya get Meg…..
  • Mayor Thingummy was created just for this comic.
  • Then Sailor Gem of course!
  • The idea for this radio advert actually came from listening to an episode of 1950s BBC radio comedy ‘Beyond Our Ken’ which featured the radio announcer Douglas Smith plugging ‘Dobbyroids Medical Cummerbunds for Horses’.
  • There are quite a few new sprite edits, the most obvious being the ‘pointing’ one.