Comics – 028: It’s Just Not Cricket

  • This comic was completed on 16/08/05.
  • For those who don’t know – ‘The Ashes’ is a 2-yearly cricket tournament between England and Australia.
  • At the time of making, the series was tied one a piece with the third test drawn. England went on to claim the series and win The Ashes.
  • This might explain why The Master has St.George’s cross facepaint on.
  • ‘Silly Mid Off’ and ‘Gully’ are field positions. ‘Silly’ being of a distance VERY close to the batter.
  • ‘Worlds Sexiest Man, Worlds Best Dressed Man and Pipe Smoker of the Year’ were the awards awarded to Arnold Rimmer by a magazine in the Red Dwarf novel "Better Than Life" By Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.