Comics – 027: Escape From The City Of New Angeles

  • ‘Escape From The City Of New Angeles’ was completed 03/08/05.
  • This comic took a long time to make, thanks largely to first a power supply going boom and then a hard drive failing.
  • We’re having a special take off of SA2:B in this comic.
  • French Circus Midgets?
  • John Carpenter references ahoy! The title is a combo of ‘Escape from the City’ the theme which plays on City Escape by Crush 40 and the two ‘Escape…‘ films of John Carpenter. Namely Escape from New York and Escape From LA.
  • That blasted spinny logo thing in frame 2 took HOURS.
  • Every single Sonic sprite here is a brand new edit. Bleh.
  • The police car’s number is THX-1138. The title of George Lucas’ first film.
  • He might well be bruised but Sonic sure is determined.
  • There is no F rank in SA2:B.
  • The ‘next verse’ remark is used in conjunction with repeating the camping song ‘Picture A Cowboy’.