Comics – 025: Standing On Ceremony

  • These two comics came after #018 and were out in conjunction with the publication of the results from the 2005 – and first – Sonic Wrecks Awards (SWA) also known as ‘The Handies’
  • The special is a two parter, both parts were however started, finished and posted on the 12/07/05.
  • So… Part 1.
  • My God – Vector appears… AND SPEAKS!
  • Assumably, The Master was busy on shift working at The Evil Golden Arches (see #018).
  • Shadow I’m told likes ‘Cherry Blossom’ scented hair products.
  • Can you see the tear in Shadow’s eye?
  • I think this is the first comic Charmy appears in and is not injured.
  • The New Zealand Parrot Mafia might make an appearance sometime in the SW future.