Comics – 024: The Graduate

  • ‘The Graduate’ was completed 03/07/05.
  • Flying in the face of SW tradition, this was a celebratory wreckslet that developed into a full length comic.
  • The basic premise: The Master passing his university course, was true as AAUK had indeed just passed his course and now has BSc after his name.
  • This is the debut of fanartist Hawk in the comic.
  • ‘Hawk’ is an edit of a Falco Lombardi font.
  • Hawk should really be a hedgehog. Maybe we’ll find out the story behind that someday.
  • The ‘clothes store’ Knuckles is getting confused with is ‘Bhs’ – British Home Stores.
  • The ‘Evil Golden Arches’ are a parody borrowed from net game ‘Kingdom of Loathing’.
  • All the menu items are foods found in the game at the foul smelling store.
  • With the exception of the ‘Childrens Meal of The Damned’ which is a non-implimented item and the ‘Fillet O Torso’, ‘Sulpur Shake’ and ‘Chicken Styx Nuggets’ which are made up.
  • The ‘Not-A-Breakfast’ was done with a the fast food scene from the film ‘Falling Down’ in mind.
  • "I’m loathing it" is a pun on "I’m lovin it" but does not reference KOL.