Comics – 023: Colorado Rouge & The Last Outrage

  • ‘Colorado Rouge & The Last Outrage’ was completed 22/06/05.
  • I’ll level with you, this comic is really just a mechanism to get Rouge and Eggman into making another appearance.
  • Eggman’s new role as a psychiatrist will see him talk to many characters in his consultation room.
  • Who dared to write the graffiti on the door???
  • Colorado Rouge? Wonder what on earth we’re taking off here.
  • Actually the title is essentially wrong as the pun is made on the ‘Last Crusade’ but the scene is a parody from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.
  • The bag is from LTTP.
  • The first ever appearance of the Sonic Wrecks Award trophy also known as the ‘Handies’.
  • Frame 8 very carefully mimics the scene in ‘Raiders…’ where Indy weighing up his sand back rubs his chin in thought.
  • This comic is very very long….
  • Seriously.
  • Colorado Rouge is run over by a Sonic shaped ball…
  • As with the Indiana Jones films the Germans seem to be the enemy.
  • Baron Von Richtovan was the World War I German flying ace also known as ‘The Red Baron’ and Knuckles is red – you see, it all fits!
  • Why he has a beard I don’t know. Maybe because I’d just shaved my semi-beard off due to the heat.
  • As with all Eggman machines its made up of bits of sprites of his old ones.
  • Told you this was a long comic. At the time the longest one to date.